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When Is Night Guard After Dental Implant Necessary?

Apr 15, 2024831 Views

You must have received multiple instructions regarding the dos and don’ts after the dental implant procedure, but what about using teeth protectors at night? Well, for optimal healing and long-term implant success, the use of a night guard after dental implant placement is often recommended.

How Can I Prevent Dental Implant Infection

Sep 30, 20231633 Views

Dental implants are truly the best way to restore your missing teeth, and with an impeccable success rate of about 98%, you can bid adieu to that unsightly smile. While dental implant infections are rare, they may cause the implant to fail and harm the surrounding jawbone. However, the good news is that you can take certain measures to minimize this risk.

Is It Possible To Have Implants With Periodontitis

Jul 30, 20231845 Views

Do you have missing teeth? No problem! Dental implants are here to restore your mouth's functionality. But wait, do you also have gum disease? Now that’s an issue. Let's find out of you still are a candidate for implants with this condition.

Let’s Settle The Battle – Dental Bridge VS Implant

Apr 30, 20233102 Views

Are you missing some teeth and considering what can be done about that? Dental bridges and implants are 2 popular options that can restore your healthy, perfect-looking smile to boost your confidence. But which one is right for you? The decision can be tough, with each targeting unique benefits and drawbacks. Let's dive into the world of a dental bridge vs implant to understand which is better.


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