Periodontal Disease

Will You Lose Teeth With Periodontal Disease?

Jun 15, 202421 Views

Your diagnosis of periodontal disease can cause anxiety. One of the most thought questions in such a situation is, "Will I lose my teeth if I have periodontal disease?” While it is a serious condition that entails more than just tooth loss. Let's discuss that, along with the treatment options that are available to prevent tooth loss altogether.

How To Know If You Have Periodontal Disease – Symptoms Enlisted

Jun 30, 20232696 Views

You must have read about keeping your teeth healthy, but have you ever wondered about your gums? Usually, teeth get the most attention, but gums are just as important. A major setback is the development of periodontal disease, which not many talk about. Let's dive in deeper to learn more about periodontal disease, its symptoms, and treatment.


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