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When Is Night Guard After Dental Implant Necessary?

Apr 15, 202425 Views

You must have received multiple instructions regarding the dos and don’ts after the dental implant procedure, but what about using teeth protectors at night? Well, for optimal healing and long-term implant success, the use of a night guard after dental implant placement is often recommended.

9 Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt In The Morning

Mar 30, 202433 Views

Waking up with pain in your mouth can seriously put a damper on your morning. Although you may think about fixing it with a cup of coffee, chances are that the issue is secretly hiding in your teeth. Let’s discuss 9 common reasons why your teeth hurt in the morning.

Why Do I Have A Headache After Teeth Cleaning?

Mar 15, 2024571 Views

Walking out of a dentist’s office with sparkling teeth but a throbbing headache? Well, that is not a good situation; however, no need to worry, a headache after teeth cleaning is common and quite easily manageable. Let’s find out why this happens and what can be done about it.

How Much a Professional Teeth Whitening Session Cost?

Feb 29, 2024626 Views

Are you fed up with covering your mouth while smiling? Now is the time to take action for that. There is no need to shell yourself because of stained, not-so-pearly whites anymore as teeth whitening is here to remedy that. It is one of the most popular ways to achieve your dream smile without undergoing anything invasive. If you are wondering how much a professional teeth whitening would cost you? Find out your answer below.

How Many Types of Dental Fillings Are There?

Feb 15, 2024466 Views

If you grapple with a throbbing toothache while eating, it is time to remedy that cavity in your tooth. You can take multiple dental routes for this, and one of them is going for a filling. Your dentist will first clean the hole in your tooth and then fill it with an inert material. Intrigued to learn about the types of dental fillings you can choose from? Let’s find out.

Are Your Teeth Dull Due to Green Tea?

Jan 15, 2024381 Views

Green tea is among the most popular drinks globally for its health benefits, and rightly so because of its enormous advantages on the human body. However, this often shades one prominent issue - teeth staining. So, want to learn the truth? Does green tea really stain the natural color of your teeth? Let’s find out.

Want Braces But have Missing Teeth? Here’s What Can Be Done

Dec 30, 2023574 Views

Do you shy away every time a camera is pointed towards you because of that noticeable gap in your smile? Be it injury, decay, or gum disease, missing permanent teeth impacts your confidence and also hampers the health of your gums, remaining teeth, and jawbone. If you have had braces on your list and recently lost a tooth, do not worry; you can still get them.

Tooth Pain Relief For Kids – What Can Be Done?

Dec 15, 20231590 Views

Children often find themselves dealing with toothaches, and as a concerned parent, it's only natural to want to help them out. If you leave the issue on its own, toothaches can lead to more serious issues, such as decay.

Gum Abscesses in Children | A Guide for Parents

Nov 30, 20231341 Views

It is movie night, and you are sharing a bowl of popcorn with your child until you realize a tiny popcorn hull is stuck between their tooth and gum. It seems harmless at first, but it is not. That little irritant has the potential to lead to a gum abscess in children, which is a serious health concern. So, what can you do about it? What measures can you take? Let's find out.


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